RE Q&A: How Can I Get Ex’s Name Off Deed?

The divorce agreement called for an ex-husband to deed the family home over to his ex-wife – but he didn’t. How can this be fixed if she can’t track him down?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Question: I was divorced a few years ago and was awarded the house. My ex-spouse never deeded me the property like he was supposed to, and I have no way to track him down. How can I get his name off my house? – Kelly

Answer: I speak with many people whose spouse was supposed to deed over the house after the divorce was final and never did.

Sometimes it is a matter of tracking down your ex-spouse to get a deed to the property. While there is usually some resistance at first, the threat of being dragged back into divorce court usually will convince them to sign the deed.

Things become more complicated if your former spouse passed away or moved overseas. When this happens, you will usually need to go back to the court to transfer the property fully into your name.

Going back to court will cost you time and money, so the best bet is to avoid this situation entirely by ensuring the property gets deeded over at the end of the divorce case. If you are using an attorney for your divorce, remind them to help you get the deed signed.

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