How To Win Over Your Competition When Shopping For A Rental

How To Win Over Your Competition When Shopping For A Rental

What Do Landlords Look For In Potential Tenants?

Property owners who are renting out their homes, condos, or multi-family units have three main goals. Receive a reliable and consistent return on investment, to maintain or improve the condition of the property, and to remain in good legal standing regarding their property.

If having you as the tenant in their property accomplishes this goal then you meet the criteria of a perfect tenant. If having you as a tenant in their property in any way puts these goals at risk then you will have trouble getting in the good graces and favor of the landlord.

So what can you do to boost your chances in winning the rental of your dreams over the next candidate?

Having a good credit score and a clean background check are paramount. However, while most people have a clean background check, many people have dings on their credit report. 

If your credit score is on the lower side then your best friend will be cash in hand. In other words, first, last, and security deposit ready to give to the new landlord. If you can wave that cash under the nose of the landlord, all the better.

Having a stable job and being able to show proof of stable income is also necessary in order to secure the best rentals. 

Many savvy Realtors® will also write a cover letter with a narrative about their applicants to help paint a strong picture for the property owner. A little personality goes a long way and a personal touch often tips the bar in your favor. Remember to highlight the ways your fine personality compliments their three main goals as discussed above.

Timing and Delivery of the Contract To Lease

Your paperwork should be organized and delivered in the method requested by the listing agent or owner. If you are supposed to submit an application online with documentation make sure your agent isn’t emailing a pdf to the listing agent.

Having a responsive agent that communicates with the listing agent well and in a timely manner is essential. The rental market in South Florida is competitive to say the least and the best rentals are easily filled within a day or two.

I hope this information helps you to put your best foot forward with your next potential landlord. Good luck to you and as always, if you or a friend or relative are in need of a great Realtor®, I would love it if you would refer them to me. It would really make my day! 

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